Network & Data Cabling Installation Lilydale

Don’t be dictated to by your network.

Goff Electrical & Security proudly offer network and data cabling installation to homes and businesses in Lilydale and surrounding areas.

Why should your network control where you work, rest or play? At Goff Electrical and Security, we believe you should be able to access your network or the internet from wherever you want, within your office, home, or even your garden. After all, you designed and furnished each room to suit your needs, so you should be free to use them in the way you planned.

The problem with wi-fi is that it almost invariably leaves you with dead zones where internet speed is worse than it was twenty years ago. That’s why you become familiar with the best areas and seek them out. As a result, you end up finalising business documents in the office kitchen, or surfing the internet from the most uncomfortable chair in the house. And of course, there are often connection issues too which, in our experience, usually coincide with the most critical of tasks!

The solution is simple. Create a wired network for your home or business and have the perfect internet connection every time, for as many devices as you need, wherever you are. Goff Electrical and Security can run data cables to key points of your property to revolutionise the way you live and work.

What’s more, adding the perfect combination of wired and wireless means we can extend the range of your network to reach the far flung corners of your office, home and garden. Imagine how liberating that would be.

Goff Electrical & Security service all the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne including Lilydale and surrounding areas.

Don’t be a hostage to your network any more. Call Goff Electrical and Security now on 0409 856 663 or fill in our contact form now!

data & network cabling Lilydale